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About Our Butterflies

The Painted Lady Butterfly
Painted Lady butterflies are nearly identical to Monarch butterflies, with a wingspan of ~2 1/2 inches. They fly fast and flutter their wings, similar to Humming Birds. They are attracted to a very wide variety of host plants, thus these beautiful butterflies will naturally linger around the release area! The minimum temperature for release on a bright sunny day is 60F. Painted Ladies are the best choice for a large mass release (up to 100 in one mass release box).
Painted Lady butterflies can be shipped anywhere within the continental U.S. Click here to order Painted Lady butterflies.


The Monarch Butterfly
Monarch butterflies, with their bright gold and orange colors, will make an impressive display during your butterfly release. Monarch butterflies have a wingspan of ~3-4 inches, and fly gracefully. The minimum temperature for release on a bright sunny day is 55F. These butterflies are well suited for cooler weather forecasts and will even fly in a slight rain!  Monarchs are generally available from April until October.

Due to USDA regulations, Monarchs cannot be shipped to AK, AZ, CA, Western CO, HI, ID, MT, NY, NV, Western NM, OR, UT and WA. Click here to order Monarch Butterflies.