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Delivery and Release Instructions

The following instructions will be included in the order along with a complimentary copy of the Butterfly Indian Legend, our business cards, and other interesting information.

Please carefully read and follow all enclosed instructions immediately upon receipt of package. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Immediately upon receipt of package

Carefully cut open the top of the cardboard shipping box. In a white envelope you will find these instructions along with the other items mentioned above. 

  1. Remove the Styrofoam lid and place it aside. 
  1. Remove our ice pack(s). NOTE: Our ice pack(s) may be wrapped in brown paper and may be located in a bottom section below the butterflies. 
  1. Replace our ice pack(s) with a similar sized/number of either freezer pack(s), frozen blue-type cooler pack(s) or even a Ziploc bag(s) filled with ice cubes to a size that’s comparable to our shipping ice pack(s) size. If using Ziploc bags, double-bag to prevent leakage. If provided, reuse the brown paper to wrap your ice pack(s) or wrap a layer of paper towels around the ice pack(s) to absorb moisture. Perform this step every 12 hours until release. This process will keep the butterflies cool which keeps them calm and dormant (essentially in a state of hibernation).
  1. Lastly, place the lid back on the Styrofoam cooler and close the carton top but do not re-tape. Place the package in a cool and dark area (such as a closet or basement) overnight. A comfortable room temperature for you is a perfect indoor temperature for the package.

On day of release

Butterflies must be released during daytime hours with at least 1-2 hours remaining before sunset. Butterflies will not fly at night, and if they are released too late during the day, they may fly sluggishly or may not fly at all.

Prior to release, you will need to leave your butterflies outside in the shade so that they may warm up and awaken. Remove your Mass Release Box(s) and/or Individual Release Envelopes from the shipping carton. Once they are acclimated to the temperature, they are ready to be released! Please use the following information as a reference:

On a cooler day (60-74 degrees), place butterflies outside in a shaded area for approximately 1 hour.

On a warmer day (75+ degrees), place butterflies outside in a shaded area for approximately 30 minutes.


  • Never attempt to warm up butterflies within direct sunlight. They must warm up in the shade.
  • Do not leave the butterfly package in a non air-conditioned vehicle and do not expose the package to direct sunlight.
  • Never place your butterflies in a freezer.